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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What browser is supported? 

The website is best viewed with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc… To access the full functionality of the website, pop-up windows, javascript and cookies must be enabled in your browser.

Why did my payment fail? 

If your payment has failed, please check the following:

– select Visa or Mastercard and confirm that the credit card number and expiration date are correctly entered

– CVV/CVN (the 3-digit number printed on the back of your credit card next to the signature panel) must be correctly entered

– address entered must match the address associated with your credit card

– when you pay with a 3D secured credit card, a 3D secure window will appear and your card issuer will display an authentication screen. Enter the password and click submit. Once your identity is verified, your checkout continues. Visa’s 3D secure is “Verified by Visa” and MasterCard’s is “SecureCode”.

If everything is correct and you still fail to complete payment, please try with a different card or contact your credit card bank.

What is an e-ticket?  

An e-ticket (also known as Electronic Ticket or ETIX) is an electronically issued passenger ticket, stored in the airline’s computer system that eliminates the need to carry a paper ticket.

Do I have to book over the internet to receive an e-ticket?  

No. The internet is just one way of making a booking. E-tickets will also be issued for bookings made in a Lao airline office or by any travel agent.

How do I check-in using an e-ticket?  

At check-in, you need to present a form of identification or the booking confirmation provided to you when purchasing your ticket. Lao airlines recommend that you carry a copy of the e-ticket receipt with you as you may need to present this to the airport security.

What are the benefits of e-tickets?  

– Simplification of ticket changes and refunds.
– No valuable tickets to be misplaced or lost.
Faster check-in procedure through the use of self-service check-in kiosks.

Are e-tickets available to all destinations?  

E-tickets are available to all Lao airlines destinations. If your journey includes flights operated by another airline you may still be issued with a paper ticket depending on the airline’s e-ticket capabilities.

Can I request an e-ticket if I am checking-in baggage?  

Yes. E-tickets will be issued regardless of whether you have baggage to check-in or not.