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Lao Airlines will not be liable for loss of money, jewelry, cameras, negotiable papers / securities, electronic / video /photographic equipment / heirlooms, antiques, artifacts, works of art, silverware, irreplaceable books / publications / manuscripts / business documents, precious metals and other similar valuable and commercial effects. Lao Airlines prohibits the foregoing items being placed in checked baggage for travel wholly between points in the domestic and international transportation.


Damaged or Lost Baggage


If the baggage gets damaged or lost during your trip, go to the airport Lost & Found counter where passenger can file an official complaint by filling out a “Damage Property Report” (DPR) or a “ Property Irregularity Report” (PIR), according to circumstances.


Damaged Baggage


Irreparable damaged items in some airport are refunded on the spot; in any case passenger may choose otherwise a new one from the stock available at each Lost & Found Office. Passenger can replace the damaged luggage or have it repaired at shops that have a special agreement with Lao Airlines. The list of shops is available at Lost & Found office. In this case passenger must provide the shop with:

  1. The damaged baggage
  2. The original air ticket
  3. The damaged baggage receipt
  4. The original “damaged property report” (D.P.R) filled in at the airport


For domestic flights: no later than 3 days from the issuing date of the D.P.R

For international flights no later than 7 days from the issuing date of the D.P.R


Lost Baggage


Delayed baggage can sometimes take up to 5 days to be delivered. Within the first 5 days contact our Baggage Lost & Found office for status update or Lao Airlines office at airport. After 5 days, if passenger baggage has still not been returned, passenger should send the following documentation by recorded delivery, which will help us do more exhaustive search:

  1. Detailed list of contents of every item of unreturned baggage
  2. Air ticket and excess baggage receipt (If applicable)
  3. The receipt portions of the baggage labels
  4. The original of the Property Irregularity Report, filled out on arrival


Please submit a letter explaining the event and any receipts you may have, if claiming expense due to delayed delivery.


Lost On Board


If you have lost or forgotten an item on board or in one of the Lao Airlines reserved areas, go to the airport Lost & Found office, and QV staff will get in touch with you if the item is found.


Nature of Claims

  1. Loss of baggage
  2. Damage of baggage
  3. Delay of baggage
  4. Lost on board