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Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods are commodities which have potentially hazardous characteristics including not only the obvious substances such as acids, radioactive materials, poisons and explosives but also certain unlikely items such as magnets, wheelchair with wet-cell batteries, breathing apparatus with compressed gas cylinders, bull semen packed in dry ice, pesticides, etc.

Articles and substances which are classified as dangerous goods, except those, which are forbidden for transport by air, must be shipped as cargo under special packing requirements and handling procedures. However, some articles/substances may be accepted as carry-on or checked baggage.


Fragile Items


Fragile items, such as: glass products, liquors etc., should not, in principle, be accepted as checked baggage, however, if passenger insists, owing to his unsuitable size of baggage (for loading on cabin), such items may be accepted as checked baggage only at the owner’s risk.


Perishable Items


The items listed below are considered perishable:

  1. Fresh or frozen foodstuff, such as: fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry and bakery products.
  2. Floral and nursery stock, such as flowers, fruits and vegetable plants
  3. Cut flowers and foliage, such as: floral displays

In principle, perishables are not accepted as checked baggage. However, in some instances a perishable item may not be suitable to be carried in the cabin, and rejection of carriage may seem impractical, such items may be accepted as checked baggage at the owner’s risk.

The container of the perishable must be firmly packed. The packing should be ensured that there is no loss of contents or damage to other baggage.

The passenger should be reminded of the relevant quarantine regulations and that no refund shall be made against excess baggage charges paid in case of confiscation either at the station of origin or destination.

Perishables (such as: durian, salted fish, shrimp etc.) that have strong smell will not be allowed to be carried as checked and unchecked baggage. However, if such kinds of perishables are firmly packed so that they cannot be smelled, they may be accepted as checked baggage.




Each passenger is allowed to carry the capacity of liquids not greater than 100 ml with them or in his/her cabin baggage on board the aircraft. Exemption shall be made for liquids, gels and aerosols including medications, baby milk/foods and special dietary requirements or liquids purchased either at airport duty free shops or on board aircraft.

All liquids are required to be carried in bottles, vials or containers with a capacity not greater than 100 ml and be completely closed. Such bottles, vials and containers must fit comfortably within the transparent plastic bag; only one transparent bag per passenger is permitted.

Medications have to be accompanied by prescriptions which clearly state the name and address of the doctor who prescribed the medicine, the full name of the person on the air tickets or boarding pass in case of electronic ticket. Baby milk/foods have to be accompanied by the baby when taken on board the aircraft.

The liquids purchased either at airport duty free shops or onboard the aircraft are exempted from the above limitation of capacity provided that such liquids are packed in a transparent sealed plastic bag provided by the seller that is tamper-evident. The proof of purchase at airport duty free shops, or on board aircraft has to be displayed satisfactorily with the name of the shop and date of purchase without the opening of the bag.


Please contact Lao Airlines booking offices and agents for the details.