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ADM Policy – Lao Airlines / QV-627


TO: All Travel Agents,

In order to improve the sales availability and to reduce the costs of abusive practices with ticketing and fares rules, GDS/CRS reservation rule (Lao Airlines) – QV implements the following ADM policy.


Reason for issuance ADM

  1. Unreported sales
  2. Incorrect commission levels
  3. Under collected taxes/ Under collected YQ or YR taxes
  4. Under collected fares or incorrect fares (Sale restricts rubric in the fare rules have to be checked before issuance of a 627 ticket).
  5. Double refunds (Via BSP link and Manual)
  6. Over refunded tickets
  7. Credit card chargebacks / Fraudulent use of the credit card
  8. Re-issue without endorsement other Airlines tickets
  9. Incorrect credit card used.
  10. Interline e-ticket issued when no interlines agreement exists
  11. Ticket issued with an open segment status whereas the fare basis does not permit OPEN segments.
  12. Ticket issued with a NON CONFIRMED segment status whereas the fare basis demands all segments to be confirmed.
  13. Churning (Repeated Cancel/Rebook)
  14. Fake ticket number
  15. Duplicate reservations
  16. Inactive segment (inactive flight segment within the CRS/GDS PNR with status codes HX/NO/UC/UN/US or others must be removed at least 72 hours prior to flight departure. This includes cancelling ticketed or un-ticketing segment.
  17. Fictitious reservation or Names
  18. Training and Testing (Test and training PNR can only be created in the training mode of the GDS/CRS.


ADM Administration Fee

Lao Airlines introduce and will apply an ADM administration fee of USD 10.00 per ADM or equivalent in local currency.


ADM Processing

Lao Airlines will use the BSP link to raise ADM for Non-compliance within 9 months of the final travel date as per IATA Resolution 850m. For refunds the ADM may be issued within 9 months after the refund was made. Disputes have to be raised by the Agent within 30 days of receipt of the ADM.

Lao Airlines will settle the disputes within 60 days of receipt.


Charges for Non-compliance

Lao Airlines will charge USD5.00 per segment plus USD10.00 administration fee per ADM for Non-Compliance in reservation activity.

In case of pricing or ticketing violation, QV will charge USD 5.00 per segment plus the correct applicable fare plus administration fee.

Lao Airlines monitors constantly the reservation and ticketing activity. When frequent violations of this policy and/or for failure to pay the ADM a month, or for high cancellation activity are established, Lao Airlines may take actions to stop the access to QV ticketing.

Lao Airlines reserves the right to change any of these requirements with 15 days advance notification.