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Membership guide

1. Membership Guide


  There are 2 ways to enrol to be a member of Champa Muang Lao.


  By completing the registration form and submitting it to one of the Lao Airline offices.

  By registering through the website


  The Champa Muang Lao membership number will be sent by email directly to member’s registration email.


  Please ensure to quote your Champa Muang Lao membership number when making reservations and at check-in counter for your flight. By doing this, you will begin to earn

  even before  receiving your permanent card.


  Keep your original boarding passes and ticket copies or e-ticket number and original invoice of Champa Muang Lao partners (as they may be required to verify

  claims for missing miles) until  miles are credited to your account.


  Lao Airlines will issue a permanent membership card twice amonth on every 15th and 30th once you have completed your first eligible flight with Lao Airlines

  and miles have been credited to your account.


  The local members can receive their membership card at Lao Airline office ( Xiengyeun Village ,Manthatourath Rd, P.O Box 6441, Vientiane, Lao PDR) Tel: 85621211050 or

   1626 , Email:


  Members, who have postal addresses registering outside Lao and has flown at least one flight with Lao Airlines, you will receive the Champa Muang Lao (CML) permanent

  card in approximately 2 months. If it is not delivered after 2 months, please kindly contact the nearest Lao Airlines’ branch office or Champa Muang Lao.


  Each member of CML will hold a card that contains the member’s information and unique card number for reference any time during booking and check-in.


  There are two types of cards in CML: Silver Card and Gold Card.

                    Silver Card sample                                            Gold Card sample


2.  Awards and Benefits of Champa Muang Lao Programme.

    Whenever a member earns enough miles, the member can use one or more awards of the Champa Muang Lao Programme issued by Lao Airlines or the appointed partner.


 Member privileges:

   All members of CML will get the benefits of the program as following:






Earn Miles


Priority for Go Show


√  (Higher)


Redemption for FREE Ticket             


Priority Check-in with Business lane



Business Lounge as taking Economy ticket



Additional baggage allowance 

5 kg

 10 kg


Priority for boarding




Special Discount at Muangthong Hotel





   Redemption ticket(s): CML members can exchange the miles in the member’s account to award ticket (s) of Lao Airlines. The ticket(s) could be used for the

    member or any passenger authorized by the card holder (member).


   Award Upgrade: CML members can exchange the miles in the member’s account to upgrade their tickets to business class which is one level higher than

    the class booked and paid.


   Additional baggage allowance: CML members can exchange the miles in the member’s account to weight of additional baggage allowance of Lao Airlines.

  The additional baggage allowance could be used for the member or any passenger authorized by card holder (member).

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